About AR15GOA

Chris A. Waltz - President / CEO

Chris A. Waltz – President / CEO

AR-15 GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA (AR15GOA) believe in the Right to Bear Arms for all legal citizens of the United States of America. We also believe that right “Shall not be Infringed” by our government or elected officials.

AR15GOA’s corporate headquarters and our online shipping center are located in Warner Robins, Georgia. AR15GOA is a national organization made up of gun owners, veterans, oath keepers, patriots and ordinary citizens that believe in America’s freedom and the right to bear arms.

AR15GOA grew from a social media website that was established in January 2013.  As our message and our vision grew, so has our membership and our followers. Our community now currently represents over 565,000+ members.  Both our Facebook Page and our Facebook Group facilitate the exchange of ideas and dialog between its members about the AR-15 rifle and it’s variants. The AR15GOA social media websites provide a direct dialog with its members, voters, and liberty activists to discuss state and federal positions on firearms issues as well as share ideas and knowledge about the AR-15 and variants.  As a community, our goal is to hold politicians accountable for their actions related to gun ownership in the United States. Our mission is to support and defend the Second Amendment and ensure that all legal citizens of the United States have the ability to defend themselves, their family, and their property.

The birth of our business model – In the process of establishing our organization, our members and social media followers asked us to develop AR15GOA promotional products. ie:  Shirts, Hats, Patches and Decals, etc.  In an effort to meet that need, we began our corporation and developed the AR15GOA brand.  During that initial process, we built a website and we’ve opened an online store.  Since then, we’ve become a Federal Firearms Licensed – 07 manufacturer.  We hope that you’ll take a moment to visit our store and browse through our product line.  We continue to add new products and we’re always looking for ways to give additional discounts to our members.

We’re proud to offer you products from manufacturers that will meet or exceed your expected standards of quality. Our prices are competitive and our staff are friendly.  We strive to provide the best customer service experience in the industry.  Thank-you for your time and support. We look forward to serving you.