AR-15 Gun Owners of America is a community based organization that’s primary focus began with discussing the AR-15 Rifle and variants in a Facebook Community Forum setting. We share knowledge, training experience, pictures and discuss AR-15 parts and accessories among our friends enabling them to better understand their firearms and employ it’s capabilities in a safe and effective manner. In the process of doing this, and over the past 18 months, we’ve established relationships with companies that have similar interests. We’ve recently designed an advertising program that enables vendors to share their products and services with our community and followers as well as advertise their company logo on our site. We have established an inexpensive advertising program and designated areas for companies to display their logo’s on our pages.


AR-15 Gun Owners of America’s business plan is dedicated to providing both members and businesses with a common social media meeting place to discuss and share ideas, information, experience and photos of the AR-15 Rifle and variants. We do this on both our AR15GOA Facebook Page as well as our AR15GOA.COM website.  We’ve seen tremendous growth over the past couple of years and continue to grow daily in both membership and page views!

Our goal in advertising is to increase our membership, sales and brand recognition for AR15GOA and our products.
Our membership is comprised of military/law enforcement professionals as well as citizen patriots. Due to the nature of our website and Facebook Page, many of our visitors are in the market to purchase products associated with the AR-15 Rifle. We believe our advertising banner spots will give both new and established brands and companies an edge in sales given the website traffic we experience on a daily basis.
When approving advertising partners, we look for companies that offer products and services that benefit our membership. Furthermore, we only approve advertising banners that will provide a service to our members and are professional in appearance.

(A note about our Facebook Page)  Paid advertisements are part of our business plan.  We do not allow companies to place unsolicited advertisements on our Facebook Page.


AR15GOA.COM features a webpage solely dedicated for our partners to advertise their company information, Logo and website. We also have fixed banner areas on all of all our site pages.  Your banner can be linked to any URL of your choice, such as your main website home page, a specific product on your website or, even to a Facebook Page. We do not sell our banner positions for an extra fee.  All our banner slots rotate positions on each of the pages. Everyone that advertises with us will have an opportunity to be in some of the prime locations throughout the day.



We look at our advertisers as partners. When we take on a new partner, we consider it a personal endorsement of that partner. We will not enter into a partnership with a business that we cannot endorse.

To apply as a partner:

1. Apply – Contact AR15GOA via the Contact Form below to establish your interest in becoming a partner. We will contact you shortly after receiving your email to discuss our advertising options.

2. Submit – Submit your 100h x 300w or 125 × 125 banner artwork for review. We review the banner to be sure that it conforms to our simple standards (listed below).

3. Payment – AR15GOA will send you an invoice via Email or you can use the Paypal Payment Button below. (your choice).

4. Publish – The banner will be published within 24 hours of completed payment.


We ask that the banner adhere to 3 simple standards:

1. 100h x 300w or 125 × 125 Pixels

2. Animation – Static Ads only.  No animated Gifs please.

3. “G” Rated – The banner should not contain anything unsuitable for readers of all ages.


AR15GOA has become a popular Facebook Forum to discuss and share information about the AR-15 Rifle and other firearms in general.

According to our latest Website Hosting report, AR15GOA.COM had over 192.000 page views each since Jan. 2014. And, for the past several months, our Facebook page averages 1,500 – 2,000 new followers every day.

We charge a flat rate to display your banner for a fixed amount of time. Each advertising order placement gets (2) ad positions. One will display as a address/info ad with clickable link and Logo. The other ad will be placed in a fixed position on the right side of each page. We do not guarantee any amount of traffic as much of the success of an ad depends on how engaging you make the content of the ad. You can choose from the following terms.

(6) Months – $600

(1) Year – $1,100



AR15GOA offers advertising on our Facebook Page.  Here’s how our Facebook Advertising Program works.

1.  We’ll advertise your ad twice a day on our Facebook Page during peak hours. (Morning and Evening)  You may chose the day.  We will chose the times based on highest traffic times on our site and we’ll de-conflict any other ads that are currently running that same day and time slot.  Please note:  We request a 24 hour notice prior to your scheduled ad run date.

2.  Email us your ad write-up and picture(s).  As part of the Facebook ad process, we’ll include links to both your Facebook Page and your .com site for each ad that we post.

3.  Facebook Ad Program Cost Breakdown.

  • 2 Posts – $50.00
  • 4 Posts – $100.00
  • 6 Posts – $150.00
  • 8 Posts – $200.00
  • 10 Posts – $250.00

Note:  We won’t post the same ads more than twice a day.  We try to keep the page fresh with new ads throughout the day.  You can though, have two separate (but different) ads running on the same day. (as long as they’re not the same ad)

For example: One ad is for 20% off on products.  The other ad is for free Ceracoting with the purchase of a rifle.



Thinking about having a GIVEAWAY? Let AR-15 GOA help you with that! AR15GOA’s Facebook GIVEAWAY program is a proven winner. Just ask any company that’s let us run their GIVEAWAY on our page. Here’s how it works……We will administer and advertise your Giveaway on our page twice a day for 5 days. (Once in the morning and once in the evening) You provide us with the GIVEWAY rules or intent. You specify the GIVEAWAY item and send us both a picture of it as well as the written details. We’ll put together the GIVEAWAY using our Rafflecopter GIVEAWAY App. We’ll ensure that the GIVEAWAY is posted to our page both morning and evening for 5 straight days. At the end of the 5th day, we’ll choose a winner and provide the winners name and shipping address back to you so you can ship the GIVEAWAY prize directly to the winner. There is an initial set-up fee of $25. And, a flat rate price of $200 for the 5 day GIVEAWAY period. (10 posts total) Please coordinate with to check availability of dates. We can only run one GIVEAWAY at a time. Thank-you!

(1) Facebook GIVEAWAY (5 days, 10 Posts) – $225


Please feel free to contact us using the contact form below if you have any questions.  Thank-you!

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