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The Sierra Comp was designed by Victor Lopez a 20 year United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper Combat Veteran and owner of Sierra Element Tactical Firearms Training. Victor worked on this project with Strike industries for over a year fine tuning the design. The unique design of the triangle ports allow gas to escape the weapon in conical shape. The energy from the recoil is directed back to the shooter dramatically reducing muzzle rise. The prongs on the front assist with some flash hiding. Also, the prongs are sharp, durable and can be used as an impact device if need.

The Sierra Muzzle Device is designed to mitigate barrel rise during operation. This device will keep your muzzle from climbing during firing that will in return make follow up shots faster and more accurate. The seven prongs on the end of the compensator are designed to protect the muzzle crown. Not only does this comp serve its purpose, but it also gives your AR a custom look. Requires no modifications to rifle. Recommended torque is 15-20 ft-lbs.

Product Specs:

  • Length: 2.6 inch
  • Outer Diameter: .825
  • Weight: 3.8 oz
  • Materials: Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Threaded at 1/2″x28

Package includes:

  • Sierra Comp
  • Crush washer


  • Aggressive style with advanced design featuring seven prongs and triangular side ports.
  • The Sierra Comp is engineered to mitigate barrel rise and flash with its two large side port / seven prong combination design.
  • Available in .223/5.56

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