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The Unique ARs Wing and Skull free-float forend design is a timeless classic.

  • Available in 9″, 12″ and 15″
  • AR-15 Free-float handguard made of 6061 T6 Aluminum.
  • Inside diameter 1.75″, exterior diameter 2″
  • Compatible with any mil-spec upper.
  • Don’t forget the tac rail.


  • Constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Coated with CeraKote
  • Includes proprietary barrel nut mounting system
  • Fits any mil-spec 556 upper receiver
  • Pre-drilled and tapped full length for tac rail on top and bottom
  • Pre-drilled and tapped for tac rail on sides if design allows

Mounting Instructions and Tips:

Step: 1) Once you have the old free float-tube and/or barrel nut removed, clean any grease or oil from the threads of the upper receiver extension.

Step: 2) Apply a drop or two of blue LocTite® to the receiver threads and screw the large aluminum barrel-nut on until it stops, then back it off until the gas tube holes line up.

Step: 3) Insert the barrel and slide the steel castle bolt over the barrel and thread it into the aluminum barrel-nut; now, use a punch to to keep the gas tube holes aligned .

Step 4) With the punch inserted in the gas tube holes turn the steel castle bolt by hand until you get a good, solid hand-tight alignment with the barrel-nut and receiver. Once you have the two aligned, let it set for a 2-24 hours ; after the blue LocTite® has cured between the barrel-nut and receiver, the steel insert and barrel can be removed.

Step 5) For final assembly insert the barrel, thread the steel castle bolt into the barrel-nut and once it is finger tight, back it off three or four turns and place a drop of blue LocTite® on the threads of the steel insert, right where it becomes visible out of the barrel-nut.

Step 6) Now torque the steel insert down to desired torque. This can all be accomplished with or without the use of punch in the gas tube but the barrel-nut can move while you are torquing the steel castle nut, and then you will have to loosen it up and re-time it.  We recommend using the punch to insure proper timing.

Step 7) Once you have installed the gas tube, slide the handguard onto the barrel nut and aligned the 6 radial holes with the corresponding holes in the barrel-nut, the 6 countersunk screws can be installed. For 308 barrel nuts it is important that screws are installed in the proper location TOP,MIDDLE, BOTTOM Inserting screws into the wrong hole will damage the barrel nut.  Tighten until snug.  DO NOT over tighten.  Stripped screws are not covered by the warranty.

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Weight 1.5.0 lbs

9" (Actual Length – 8.815" +/-), 12" (Actual Length – 11.815" +/-), 15" – 14.815" +/-}